Tree Removal: (Climbing / Bucket Truck / Crane)

Tree RemovalTree removal is a highly technical, yet delicate, task and requires highly qualified professionals, like those at Lovering Tree Care.

Tree removals address health, liability, and aesthetics and enable competing species to develop and mature. In certain instances, you may have to remove a tree that is alive if it is interfering with other trees, buildings, driveways, or utility wires.

Safe tree removal in suburban neighborhoods takes skill. Most trees cannot just be dropped in a yard because they extend over your home, shrubs, landscaping, pool or even your neighbor’s property. The protection of your home and property is our top priority.

Tree removal often requires our arborists to carefully “dismantle” the tree using specialized equipment and rigging. The type of equipment depends on where the tree is located, the soundness of the tree (hollow, big splits or cracks) and the position of the branches. Did you know that a tree with a diameter of only 24 inches can weigh in at over 4 tons? That’s a lot of tree!

If removal is the only option, we have all the equipment to tackle any job safely and efficiently.